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SF-25B for sale

Message Publié : 26-03-2017 15:40
par pepin.andre
Good day all, my dependable and reliable SF-25B is for sale. For picture , here is the link at W&W:

NEW PRICE $ 18,000 USD
Scheibe SF-25B, C-FEOS, Sn: 46172 Airframe T.T: 5572 hrs
Engine: Karl Piper Gmbh Model: Stark Stamo, 1500 cc / 45 hp. Vw based engine.Engine T.T: 778 hrs TBO: 1000 hrs
Propeller: Hoffmann TTSO: 122 hrs
Fuel capacity: 32liters/ 8.4 us gal. Fuel consumption: approx 8 lt /hr
Motorglider completely recovered with Ceconite and polyurathane paint in 2002 by previous German owner.
Open trailer for occasional transport. Sturdy hangar trolley for easy maneuvering.
Tow bar and homemade wing covers. New starter. Odyssey battery
Fly great and can soar, ideal for fun flying with lowest operating cost with a dependable 4 strokes engine compare to basic ultra-light airplane ( 2 strokes engine).
Looking for a new home.
Flown every season, based at the Montreal Soaring Council, ident: CNV4
Contact me by email: arcapep at cam dot org