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LF single and two place Fibreglass gliders for new QC club

Message Publié : 14-10-2018 10:27
par forbes.tim
Pascal Mourgues and friends are looking to establish a new gliding club in Quebec. They are looking for aircraft. I received the following message and offered to list it here in the hope of attracting useful leads...

(English follows)

Bonjour cher(e)s Vélivoles.

Suite a notre projet de création du CVVS - Centre vol a Voile saguenay qui sera situé au pied des Mont Valin, dans la région du Saguenay au québec, nous venons vous indiquer que nous sommes acheteur de planeur ou motoplaneur.

Nous souhaitons l'achat uniquement de planeur type plastiques.

Ce qui ferais notre bonheur serait:
-un twin astir Grob 103.
-Un cirrus Standard
-moto-planeur de type SF25 ou SF28
Et possiblement un avion remorqueur.

Merci de faire vos offres a : <>
visiter notre site (en francais) a
Hello dear (s) Vélivoles.

Following our project to create the CVVS - Saguenay Sailing Flight Center which will be located at the foot of Mont Valin, in the Saguenay region of Quebec, we come to tell you that we are a buyer of glider or motorglider.

We wish the purchase only of glider type plastics.

What would make us happy would be:
-a twin astir Grob 103.
-A standard cirrus
-motor-glider SF25 or SF28
And possibly a tow plane.

Thank you for making your offers to: <>
visit our website (in french) at

Pascal Mourgues
Coordinateur - Créateur CVVS
Tel: 1(418) 540-3939 <>

Re: LF single and two place Fibreglass gliders for new QC cl

Message Publié : 16-10-2018 11:31
par petersen.charles
I sent an email message to the address provided, discussing the impending sale f a Grob 103 Twin II.

PM me if it did not get to the right folks