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Seeking SF28, good price.

Message Publié : 19-03-2019 20:37
par Mourgues.Pascal
Hello everyone, new club in quebec in order to start our activity, we are looking for a motorglider user but in flight state, type SF28 for a price evolving around 15 000 cad $.
I know there are at least one in Saskatchewan, but I do not know the person and do not have his email. but I have his name is Jay beattie.
if any one know him thank you for sending him the message.
if you sell a single two-seat glider for the start school in our prices, then we can study all offers to send to

thank you

Re: Seeking SF28, good price.

Message Publié : 17-10-2019 19:58
par Mourgues.Pascal
I now find my SF28, it goes through the Atlantic at the end of this month.
Please find one or 2 photos.

Thanks to the people who gave me some track to explore in the USA or Canada

Our club CVVS should be able to have its first activity in May or next June.