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Looking for a glider to purchase

Message Publié : 18-07-2020 16:26
par Normand.Dominique

I am based in Ottawa and currently fly with RVS in Kars. I flew 10 years in France (1990..99) before relocating to Canada with 2 young children. Restarted soaring 2 years ago. All in all I have over 650h as P1 and flew many XC in France (Standard Cirrus, Pegase and ASW20) up to 500km.

I am now looking for a glider to purchase ... looking for glide-ratio 40+, working waterballasts, if possible automatic controls connections and tilting instrument panel. Wing-span up to 20m is fine. A good trailer is required.

Contact me directly via email : dominique "dot" normand "at" gmail "dot" com

Thank you,