Hand held radios for sale

Hand held radios for sale

Message par florence.trevor » 31-03-2022 14:57

I have seven surplus hand held radios. A Bendix King KX99, a Narco HT 800, an Icom A2, an Icom A4, a Yaesu aviator pilot, a Yaesu aviator Pro, and an STS AV 7600. They would all need battery replacement or can be used with chargers as a base station (Works well). I think they are worth at least $25, as well as the shipping costs. I also have a vast assortment of microphones, old varios, panel mounted radios, and a lot of altimeters in various stages of condition. I have collected a lot of bits over the years and I don't mind helping clubs and individuals get some of it economically.
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