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Pipistrel Taurus M 503 for sale

Message Publié : 11-07-2022 20:39
par theriault.guy
Asking 112K USD.

Pipistrel Taurus 2 seat, 15 metres, flapped, carbon fibre, ultralight, motorized glider, built 2009, s/n T-046, Special type certificate. MTOW 472Kg. SN Total Time: 389 hours. Engine time: 121 hours (TBO: 300 hours). Fifty Hp Rotax 503 piston engine allowing autonomous takeoffs or, in a pinch, regain of altitude. Steerable rudder wheel. Takeoff climb rate of 500 ft per minute. Thirty-litre fuel tank for more than an hour of engine run time. Semi-automatic retraction or airstart of the motor.

LXNav 8000 with V5 vario upgraded to latest firmware/storage capacity in 2021; with PowerFlarm. 9 button remote stick with speed to fly commutator, 57 mm Winter mechanical vario, airspeed and altimeter. MicroAir M760 radio with dual frequency monitoring capability. ENL (engine noise level) detector in LxNav unit. Canopy in mint condition. Ballistic parachute. Forward tow hook. Optional aluminum Beringer tail wheel included. Optional extra engine/avionics battery coupled to solar panels on the fuselage top. Two 12v sockets in the cabin. Ballast tank in cabin front for solo piloting. Wing stand, IMI one-man rigger, tail dolly included. Full plane covers from the manufacturer. Complet factory tie down kit (never used). Thin metallic grey canopy cover and standard cotton full nose canopy cover. Vinyl registration marks; easy to remove if needed. Carburators completely overhauled, new ignition coils, pistons and cylinders examined during winter 2022. Minor, nonstructural, repairs to carbon skin done professionally. All ADs done and factory compliant. Annual inspection done April 2022.

Aluminum top Cobra trailer manufactured 2009 for this model. Waxed at least once a year. Well maintained and adequately greased components. Main gas strut replacement in 2019. Tires new from last year and spare is like new. 2 Cobra wheel chocks with holders on fenders. Functional kinetic activated brakes. Solar vent installed 2021.

Complete package, ready to fly solo or with a companion. Located east of Montréal, Quebec, Canada at Saint Dominique glider port.
For Canadian buyers: Save on import troubles, import taxes and the new luxury tax!

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Re: Pipistrel Taurus M 503 for sale

Message Publié : 14-04-2023 19:58
par theriault.guy