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ASSW-15 For Sale

Message Publié : 21-05-2023 21:30
par brake.john
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ASW-15 for sale:

This is a great entry into single seat gliders, easy and rewarding to fly. This is a fun glider to fly and is the type of glider that Oscar Bosch used to wow crowds with at air shows. The ASW-15 performs beautifully in small light thermals and is virtually impossible to stall/spin. KGB has an excellent finish, with a basic but workable instrument package including:
- 1971 Schleicher-
~ 1500 hrs total time.
- All ADs done and paperwork up to date and complete to original owner
- Control connections are manual but easy to connect with the Wedekind safety sleeves.
- Instruments: Altimeter (metric and Imperial), ASI, Microair transceiver, mechanical and electrical Borgelt B40 vario, compass, averager
- Parachute strong chair type
- One man rigger.
- Functional trailer
- Located at York Soaring
- Price- $15,000
- Please contact: John Bender- 519-885-0319;