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Twin Astir - $35,000

Message Publié : 17-09-2013 05:20
par ochitwa.ray
The Vancouver Soaring Association is selling its 1978 Grob G-102 Twin Astir C-GVSX. Retractable gear, water ballast, pneumatic tailwheel, ILEC SB-8, Becker com radio with boom mics and stick mounted PTT switches, 489lb. payload, Pfeister Swiss built aluminium monocoque enclosed trailer, Wedekind locking sleeves, interior and upholstery in very good condition, Gel coat fair, undersides of wings refinished this summer. The landing gear doors were damaged landing in long grass many years ago, removed and unfortunately lost. Annual current until next summer. $35,000 or best offer.

contact Ray Ochitwa,