K2 LiFePo4 Batteries

K2 LiFePo4 Batteries

Message par springford.dave » 06-02-2014 18:24

I am going to be placing an order with K2 for more lithium (LiFePo4) 12 V - 10 Ah batteries for powering your glider. While these batteries are expensive, they provide significantly more power than the lead-acid batteries in common use and they can last for 2000 charge-discharge cycles whereas the lead-acid last for 300 at best.

The batteries are $150 US each and you need a specific charger as well for $25. It is very expensive to ship these into Canada, so I will have them delivered to Florida and then bring them home by car to reduce the cost.

With the addition of more power-hungry instruments in the cockpit, like big screen computers, transponders and flarm these batteries are a significant improvement in terms of in-flight duration

If anyone is interested in a K2 battery and charger, please let me know by emailing me directly and let me know the number of batteries and chargers that you would like. Expected delivery at the end of April.

Dave Springford
Fox One Corp
dave "at" foxonecorp "dot" com

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