SZD 54 Perkoz certified in Canada

SZD 54 Perkoz certified in Canada

Message par szemplinski.jerzy » 03-06-2014 13:08

The SZD-54-2 Perkoz has officially received a Canadian Airworthiness Certificate G-136 ... 4&Itemid=4

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Re: SZD 54 Perkoz certified in Canada

Message par richard.jean » 07-06-2014 17:59

Interesting !

I have seen that bird last summer in Leszno, both in flight and on the ground. I remember that one day, it was towed by a Pipistrel Virus SW, in a no wind situation, 33 °C and no wing runner and two persons onboard. It worked – even better than behind a 180 HP Koliber...

On the ground ? Perkoz usually take off and land from water...


:) :)

Well! We all dream of a day where more clubs will be investing in brand new twin seaters. From that day, we will begin to believe that there's still a future in soaring.
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