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Nimbus 2

Message Publié : 16-01-2015 13:33
par Luxemburger.Peter
1973 Nimbus 2, Serial No. 25. 1181 hours on frame. 20.3m wingspan provides a 49:1 glide ratio (factory). Glider includes flaps
(+7, -6), tail chute, and 110L water ballasts. Also comes with a LX5000 flight computer/GPS/final glide calculator; glider trailer, tail dolly, canopy covers, dust covers, wing wheel and tow out bar. An absolutely beautiful glider and proven in competition. Asking $17,000.

Glider is currently stationed at York Soaring Association. If interested please contact Peter Luxemburger, email:, Cellular: 905.320.6986.

For Additional pictures please visit the link below: ... tmgqa?dl=0