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Oxygen, PDA, IGC recorder

Message Publié : 21-08-2015 10:00
par bonniere.nick
Oxygen tank
- M&H AL-647, aluminum, 5.3"x18", pressure gauge, 540 thread, with carrying bag, and clamp kit, 5 Year old (needs pressure test) - CAN$250 (new $US400)
- will trade for smaller M&H AL-415, 540 thread.

- HP HX4700 (XcSoar), 'Nimbus' cradle, adapter/cradle - best offer

IGC recorder
- EW micro-recorder with SD card, new battery, home made mounting clamp - CAN$300

Oxygen tank
- 4"x29" steel (needs pressure test), fits ASW-20, A20 regulator (as is) with tubing, pressure gauge, blinker - best offer