FS: Borgelt B2500 Computer and EW Microrecorder

FS: Borgelt B2500 Computer and EW Microrecorder

Message par springford.dave » 23-10-2015 21:55

The B2500 is a full function flight computer that provides navigation and task information, including Area Task functionality, wind and final glide.

It consists of the B500 Vario and B2500 Nav display and PDA-PS module.

A novel feature with the B2500 system is the stereo speakers that provide thermal centering cues based on vario tones on the left or right side speaker.

The system includes the three components shown outlined in Red in the picture below.

Also included, but not pictured is an EW microrecorder.

The Borgelt has an integral GPS, but is not IGC approved, thus the EW approved recorder.

The B2500 Manual can be downloaded here:

$900 US

Contact me at dave "at" foxonecorp dotcom

Proceeds of the sale go to the "Youth Jantar" for low cost cross-country and contest flying for junior pilots!

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