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We have a very nice Volkslogger for sale.

It is an official IGC GPS logger which is very popular and very reliable. It is in perfect condition and it can supply GPS NMEA data to other equipment.

- Several electrical cables required to connect to a PC, a flight computer, or a PNA
- 115Vac wall plug to connect at home
- Storage case
- User manual and other information for the electrical connections

Here is the manual: http://www.gliding.ch/manuels/volkslogger_vl174e.pdf

Others info: http://www.cumulus-soaring.com/garrecht.htm

Suggested price: 175$ without shipping

Make us an offer.

You can reach me with a personnal message on this forum. I can bring it with me to lake Placid next week.

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Re: Volkslogger

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Price reduced to 175$.

Feel free to make an offer.
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